Stories from the past – One

Salty Cow – May 2004

Today being Mother’s day I got to help out around the farm.

First off, just for a change we had to feed the sheep. Today it was oats so it took almost 5 hours.
In between we did other jobs, including preparing the Veggie patch…it now has onions and spinach in it.

We also fed the two steers, first though we had to roll the oats for them. This entailed setting up two Augers, a tractor, the mobile feed bin which was filled with oats…and of course the grain roller.

After crushing the oats we finally fed the hungry buggers (we crushed enough to last a few weeks), my husband gave them three large buckets full then we started to put some hay into their pen as well.

Whilst doing this I noticed one of the steers has like a stick thing hanging off of his hairy bit where his ‘manhood’ is. I tried to work out what it was..thinking some how he had got a stick stuck on it !!!!

I couldn’t get a good enough look so I asked my husband if he could see what it was.

Husband said “Oh that…well that’s a bit of hair that is salty”.

I started laughing…………the thing I want to know is……..

How the hell does he know it’s salty?