Who is the Farmer’s WIfe?

I am just an everyday person who decided to get my feelings down in text about being a farmers wife.

I am hoping that by sharing my life, my stories will help others to talk, to share with their partners exactly how the drought and how farming life is for them.

Enjoy this blog, enjoy your life and remember we are the fortunate ones 🙂

5 thoughts on “Who is the Farmer’s WIfe?

  1. My heart’s broke following this. I wish you guys all the best. You are right. Those of us who get to grow stuff (especially if you get to save and replant your own seed) are the lucky ones, no matter how long the days. I love doing something that requires me to figure out how to do anything as needed. But it’s very hard to try to put that in a list on a resume’. I’m glad you guys seem to be finding new moorings…Best of luck,

  2. Hello!

    being from a farm myself I can really appreciate your blog…

    Just letting you know that I have stumbled across a brand new website – http://www.efarming.com.au/ that looks really good.

    Its got everything from news to weather to shopping, and hubby will love the weather section – you can see the fronts coming through from South Africa!

  3. I am so glad that you put your feelings down in writing. For many years I have travelled to country areas in pursuit of an interest in pig hunting. As a person born and bred in the city I have grown to love the country and the wonderful people I have come to know and make freinds with in the farming community. I felt compelled to let you know that there are many city people like my self who have seen the good times and understand the time and effort that the people in the farming community have to put in to survive in an industry reknowned for the hard knocks it delivers. I hope you can bounce back even better than before and I wish both you and your family good fortune for the future. Words in themselves dont help a lot but maybe the knowledge that people in the city are thinking, of not only your good selves, but all those hard working farming families that are struggling under the existing drought conditions may assist in some way. All the best in the future. Gary Bender.

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